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Three Bridges Boy Scout Troop 186 is chartered by the Three Bridges Reformed Church and has been serving Youth and the community since 1949.  We meet at the Three Bridges Reformed Church located on Main Street, Three Bridges on Tuesdays during the school year from 7:00-8:30pm. Troop 186 belongs to the Hunterdon Arrowwood District of the Washinhgton Crossing Council.


Save The Date

Posted on Jun 15 2018 - 7:33pm

Round Valley Canoe Trip

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 3:32pm

We left in the sun and came back in the rain, but everyone still had a great time.  Click to see more pictures in the photo album.

What's in a Name? Patrols Ponder Name Change

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 11:36pm

The patrol formerly known as Penguins have taken wing as the the Falcon patrol. The crossover scouts have identified themselves as the Phoenix, while the Lightning patrol has decided to retain their super-charged moniker.

At the MASR cabin camping trip, the Honey Badgers decided to keep their name. The Moose patrol, however, adopted the Spartans for their standard.

The Raptor patrol has yet to confirm a change. 

Honey Badgers Claim Cook Off Championship

Posted on Mar 21 2018 - 9:07pm

The Honey Badger patrol won the 2018 Patrol Cook-Off on a tie-breaker. Three patrols tied with 36 points, but Nick Robben took home the Golden Skillet by mustering a strong turnout of his patrol.


PATROL COOKOFF - March 20 6 pm

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 11:51am

The next Patrol Competition will be a Patrol Cook Off at the Three Bridges Reformed Church on March 20.  Each patrol will be scored on four areas of cooking:

  1. Menu selection - how close the menu and final product afhere to the MyPlate recommendations
    • 50% fruit and vegetables 
    • 30% Grains
    • 20% Protein
  2. food preparation/cleanliness/safety
  3. savoriness of the meal
  4. cleanup  

$4 will be collected at the door. 

In order to set a proper budget, please register for this activity.

Annual Scout Registration is now OPEN- This year Pay Online!!!

Posted on Feb 5 2018 - 3:23pm

Starting this year, the troop will be using Paypal / Credit Card payments for our annual registration and annual boys life subscription.  No checks please.  The goal is to complete this by the Feb 20th Troop Meeting.

Step 1. Register your son(s) just like you were adding them to a trip, click here to access the Annual Registration link.  After clicking 'Submit' you will get a confirmation page.

Step 2. Validate that the cost is correct, either $40 or $80 dollars (for 2 scout families) and click red 'Add To Cart' button

Step 3. ONLY if you son wants to recieve an annual subscription to Boys Life for $12.00 click the 'Online Payments' link in the left hand menu.  If not GOTO Step 5.

Step 4 Select your son's name from the drop down list and click the red 'Add to Cart' button'

Step 5.  You will see a red 'View Cart' button appear in the left hand menu, which you will click

Step 6. Validate the shopping cart is correct and click 'Checkout'

Step 7 You will be brought to Paypal where you can use with Paypal or any credit card

Step 8 Click on the 'My Profile link' in the upper left hand corner User menu, then click 'Edit Family'.  Please populate all relevant information, especialy emergency contact, medical and allergy information.  It is only in your best interest that ASMs can have quick access to this information while on trips with your son.

 If you have any questions email Bob Linz at rlinz@yahoo.com

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